Your Love Is My Drug


  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2010-05-12
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:28

Music Video


  • Just wow

    By Natascha-CB
    I can't believe all you people actually like her and the music she makes. Get a life people!
  • Love Kesha!!!!!!!!

    By serenayeA
    U guys are just being mean, Kesha is the most amazing, most talented, and most awesome singer ever!!! She is my absolute favorite
  • friend

    By strange/weird!
    she always adds weird things to her vids.! is that her way of being unique? because, if it is , she needs to find a different way for people to remember her by. -not by being dressed in a fishing net-
  • I love her but...............

    By Laylaayshenbvzbggb
    What . Fish. REALLY. I am@sad. I ratting it BIG 0
  • Don't Know

    By Armygirl5501
    The song is good, and Ke$ha looks really pretty in this video. The only thing that bugs me is the freaky anime.I have one question, though: Why is she always dating hippies?
  • Interesting to say the least

    By wicked gurl
    The song is good. I've always liked the song. When I saw the music video my first thought was, "This came right out of the 60's. I love it!" I like the take they did on the music video. You don't find many pop artists doing stuff like this. The animation is wicked! It's as if though the directors wanted to make the watcher feel like they're tripping out. It's very colorful and appealing and probably one of Ke$ha's better music videos
  • Cool

    By The penguin28640
    Like But the psychedelic thing is like an awkward moment.
  • !!!!!

    By Lexworthington22
    I love this song!
  • Love

    By 123sonic
    Your love is my drug because we r who we r ke$ha u rok in tik tok
  • really expressive

    By Photo momma
    It shows how she feels, really expressive, but go 2 secs into the preview, with 27 secs left and look at the guy rowing the boat. uh when ur making a music video u should watch ur expressions.