A Brand New America - Single - Keb' Mo'

A Brand New America - Single

Keb' Mo'

  • Genre: Blues
  • Release Date: 2009-01-16
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 1

  • ℗ 2009 Urbantone Records


Title Artist Time
A Brand New America Keb' Mo' 2:39


  • missing the point

    By stevie1234
    I think some reviewers are missing the point. I don't think anybody is ready to claim victory. It's about a vibe that a lot of people felt that we have this opportunity for renewal. I think some are taking the song too literal. As far as waiting for Obama to do something first before giving credit. Change is happening right in front of you. There are powerful forces on both sides. It's time to get behind positivity. Open your eyes soon or when you do you're go'in see us sliding back into the grip of those same evil forces. Next time will be even worse.
  • Where's the fire?

    By gclin
    This isn't bad, it just isn't anything you haven't heard before... only better. I love Keb' Mo', and I'm not one of those fans who feel betrayed when he doesn't play the blues. I own and enjoy every album he's released. But after waiting for over 3 years for something new, we got something very old, plain, and uninspiring. I am truly hoping that this is one light cut in an otherwise burning album yet to come.
  • Awful

    By MHinGA
    I never thought I would say this of a Keb' Mo' creation, but this is simply awful-- musically and lyrically. What happens when artists try too hard for political reasons.
  • Not good at all

    By not his usual songs
    Not like any of his other songs-just seems like nothing compared to b.b. or muddy
  • Great song/songwriting

    By bravedeer
    This is a great song by Keb' Mo' and John Lewis Parker. It's in the same style as "City Boy" (First album), Anyway seen my girl (First Album) and I'll be your water (Suitcase). A true Keb' Mo' fan will enjoy this gem. This is not a BLUES song, and neither is a good portion of Mo's music.
  • Polished crap.

    By MacReverb2
    I thought Keb Mo' was already too polished but this is ridiculous. What an awful song.
  • Not the Keb' we all love and know

    By anics
    This is not American Blues and this is definately not the Keb' Mo' that I have enjoyed over the years. The song is too overworked and falls extreamly flat. Blues should move you and this only moves me to the next button.
  • Extremely Disappointing

    By Blues in NH
    I was excited to see a new single from an artist that has turned out some very good albums. Sadly this is a schmaltzy number that sounds like it took five minutes to write. Both the lyrics and his delivery are disappointing.
  • A Brand New American Blues

    By g chord
    Love it! Hits right to the point of the national sentiment, not about Obama. It is simple and emotional. Just like the classic blues songs... but blues for today!
  • Big Fan is dissapointed

    By AKA Tom
    I have everything I can find by Keb - except this. It just isn't his best work. Too sentimental, sappy, simple. His infectius vibe and clever wit are simply missing.

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